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funny nursing t shirt

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Day 33 Thirteen Months

Day 33 Thirteen Months

Carter turned 13 months yesterday. I didn't think of his monkey picture until bedtime yesterday, and the same thing happened today. So instead of having a teary-eyed fussy picture, I decided to go with a sweet, sleeping baby picture! Carter has really embraced his new role of toddler this month. Whereas last month he was hardly pulling up at all, now he hardly spends any time sitting. If you try to put him on the floor, he stiffens his legs and insists on holding onto something vertical. He still hasn't perfected getting down from standing, but he lets someone know by pointing to the floor and saying, "Dih." He cruises from object to object as long as he can reach the next one. A couple of times he's gotten up on his hands and knees, but only to get over a rough spot and only for a moment.

Carter calls everyone dada. I thought he was only using it for Bryan, but now I realize that it's his general term for person. It's kind of funny to see him pointing to a baby and saying, "Dada!" He also has a certain word for dog, which is more like duh or duh-duh. He'll say, "Dat!" if he wants something or wants to know the name of something. He also makes a certain sound when he wants to nurse, like doo, and tries to open my shirt himself. He'll even make that sound when he wakes up in the middle of the night without even opening his eyes!

More and more, Carter is playing with Maggie even though they squabble constantly over toys because Carter's one-year-old brain wants to play with what she is playing with, and Maggie's two-year-old brain wants to hoard all of the toys to herself. However, Maggie will try to entertain Carter if he is fussy by making faces or funny noises, and most of the time he thinks she's hilarious. He's perfected his head-patting move and recently discovered how to pat his fist against his mouth to make an ahh-bababa sound. Today Gramma taught him how to clap his hands along to Patty Cake.

Carter seems to be over his separation anxiety, but he will let me know that he's missed me when I return. He's taking more consistent naps, usually two a day for an hour or so, but he doesn't make the transfer from car seat to bed yet, so if we're out and he falls asleep, I reluctantly have to wake him up to bring him in. He gets offended if you eat or drink something and don't offer him some, even if he has the same thing in front of him!

a hot room and dehydration....

a hot room and dehydration....

Last Thursday I was scheduled for training, Use of Force, which consists of ground fighting, kicks....blah, blah, blah.... I was ready.... let me set it up for you.....It was a hot day, I didn't drink water, and I had a long sleeve shirt on.....

We were practicing kicks.... I was holding the bag while my partner was doing the kicks.... the room was starting to get hot... "KICK".... the room started to spin... " KICK."... over and over again....... my partner said..."are you ok?" I said, "yes"..... "KICK" "KICK"

I put the bag down....said to my partner maybe I need some air..... I made it to the door.... the room started to spin again.... it was getting hotter and hotter.... the next thing I remember was seeing floor and being eye level with boots....all around me..... HOW EMBERASSING... I fainted.

My work called an ambulance and paramedics.... they made me leave by ambulance.... "just to get checked out"...... grrrrrrrrrrrrr

the emergency room doctor came in..... He looked like he was 12.... I'm not kidding it was funny.....anyway he asked the regular questions..... he ordered some blood work.... the nurse couldn't find my vein.... she said it was because I was dehydrated.... and as you all know I HATE DOCTORS, HOSPITALS.......EEEK... I wanted to get out so bad......

My friend Rachel who also was a trainer in that class came into the hospital room with my purse... I told her..... I need my camera I have to document this for Flickr... :o)

Anyway... lesson learned.... drink tons of water and don't wear long sleeves on a hot day. (smile)

funny nursing t shirt

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