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funny hunting t shirts

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funny hunting t shirts - Toddler Tshirt

Toddler Tshirt - 5.5oz.100% Cotton in White Yellow Light Pink or Baby Blue My first hunting call

Toddler Tshirt - 5.5oz.100% Cotton in White Yellow Light Pink or Baby Blue My first hunting call

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claire first hunt 5

claire first hunt 5

[18:03] Damien Corra made the incision from left fang hole, to right and was sucking gently form the wound and spat out every mouthful until the poison would leave her body. He couldn't tell when or how fast the poison would spread, but he could stop it since it was this early.
[18:04] Mitka Dover looks at her daughter seeing the blood , her face drains of color , she was used to adult blood, that was fine, even seeing her own blood was fine, her daughters however, quickly the soft grassy muddy groud met mit with a thud as she fainted
[18:05] Damien Corra shooks his head as mit fainted and Claire fell into his arms. 'Great...' he thought. 'Just great.'

[18:06] Claire Breaburn bit into her lower lip feeling her mother's grip slip & then 'thud'. She didn't move though she couldn't at the moment she watched quietly her small body slightly shaking in fear. "It's not like Imma die..righ?" She bit so hard now on herl owerl ip it caused it to bleed. Sucking gently she went back to being quiet

[18:10] Damien Corra spat out the last of her blood from his lips and smiled at her. "hwo do you feel?" he said as he ripped a part of his shirt off to tie her wrist tighlty to stop the bleeding. That would need disenfecting later, he knew,"No you won't die..." he said gently and looked over at Mit. "although, she might need to do soemthign about that." he said as he set her down on her feet and moved over to Mit.
[18:11] Claire Breaburn watched him quietly.. "lil funny but If I'm not gonna die all good" she offered a nervous smile before glancing to her mother.. "Mama?" She poked Mit.. "Mama.. I not gonna die so wake up"
[18:12] Mitka Dover groans her eyes opening and she sits up slowly holding her head"no one tell anyone i fainted...please.."
[18:12] ZHAO-II MB2.0.16[modern] MONO: OFF
[18:13] Dominick Olivieri: /em could see the look in her eyes and new she was a bit low on blood since he had to suck most of it out to get to the venom.
[18:13] Damien Corra could see the look in her eyes and new she was a bit low on blood since he had to suck most of it out to get to the venom.
[18:14] Mitka Dover looks to her daughter"do you wanna try that rabbit there"motions to a rabbit, "or do you want to go back into the city and go see if amara can make yoru boo boo better?"
[18:16] Damien Corra chuckles as he leans over Mit, not meanign to laugh but it was pretty funny to him. "ahh.... youthful optomism..."he chuckled again as he stared itno her eyes with his.

[18:17] Claire Breaburn I'll be ok.. " She mummered and glanced to her mom.. "I killed the snake bu I guess you can't eat snake?" She sniffed the air catching the rabbits scent and darted after it snapping her teeth at it's tail catching it in hem outh before..slump..she smacked into the ground her teeth still ahold of the rabbit but her eyes closed
[18:19] Mitka Dover looks at her daughter and watches"it's neck babygirl, you need to bite the neck."she shudders reemmberijng her first hunt how sh didnt want to do that deed, but now it came natureally
[18:20] Damien Corra heard a crack and looked up from Mit's eyes and over to claire, wodnering where she had goen from the high grass, then follows the sounds, replaying it in his mind until he can hear it clealy comething form jsut at the base of a tree.
[18:20] Claire Breaburn didn't budge for a few seconds but felt the tugging of tail trying to get out of her mouth. Opening her eyes she unclenched her jaws adn before it could bolt she snapped them around the neck before going still. The sounds of death from the rabbit ebbing aftera few seconds. She dropped it and went still again rubbing her head it hurt.

[18:21] Damien Corra shook his at her as he realized what happened and simply helped Mit sit, sliding her in teh direction of where the noise was.

[18:23] Mitka Dover watched her daughter and resat after Damien made her"baby girl you can choose for me to cook it on that fire back at the den, or you can eat it raw."she pulled out her pda quickly , to send off a message
[18:25] Claire Breaburn didn't bother to answer she wasn't feeling so good .. lightheaded was probably the best way to explain it. She eyed the rabbit and frowned.."umm.." she shook her head not really sure..but she didn't feel right
[18:26] Mitka Dover walked over and picked her daughter up"we are going into the city...Damien, please take the rabbitg back to the den, and cook it, we can share it witht he others."she held her daughtger close worriedly
[18:33] Mitka Dover would pick her kid up and rushed from the swamp woriedly

got moose?

got moose?

no?!?! hunt 'em down if ya have to ;)

took a picture of these 2 since the one's name is graham cracker and has a Nova Scotia plaid scarf and the other moose has a Nova Scotia T-shirt that says: It's Lobster Time on it. would be kind of funny to see a moose eat a lobster. if you have a hard time finding moose ask my mom but don't let her fool you into thinking her story about moose is true, it's mine god dammit lol

your object for week 21: Moose (any way, shape or form)

funny hunting t shirts

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